I’m not important, am I really being monitored?

Yes! Maybe not by national intelligence services, but by internationally operating companies that want to influence your spending habits.

Why am I being monitored?

The industry earns more money with advertising via personalised commercials. Agencies pay more for their commercials if they are placed in the right target group.

What can be monitored?

Each click on a web site that contains commercials. It does not matter if you are logged in or not. Each newspaper article, each search request, each watched video can be tracked down or can be seen as a trail revealing your internet activities.

How do they do that?

see the explanation here

What are they doing with the collected data?

Large-capacity computers evaluate your data and compare it with the behaviour of others. They try to find out what you would buy and what you could afford. You will be profiled and categorised so that they can adjust the range of products you see on the internet accordingly.

Which data do they collect from my profile?

Income, interests, living situation, gender, belief, age, health status, habits, educational level, children, friends - play the DataDealer game to get an insight into the problem.

How do they use the collected data?

They use the collected data to show you the perfect advertisement for each moment in your life, encouraging you to spend money. Companies want to invest money in the production of effective commercials so they can show their product to the right target group.