Who is who?

We started developing the open source software PrivacyMachine in 2013 to make it possible for you to search the internet safely.

We recently formed the not-for-profit association “Verein PrivacyMachine” for the same purpose.

This association promotes the maintenance and further development of the PrivacyMachine so that everyone can use it free of charge and without obligation.

The team:

Portrait Bernhard Bernhard Zach
(Chairman of the association, software development, project management)
About me: I am a self-employed software developer. I spend my free time getting involved in the CryptoParty in Graz and working on the PrivacyMachine project.
Motivation: I believe it is important to increase awareness of the significance of data protection and to develop tools that can also be used in practice.
Favourite quote: The internet will never catch on! ;)
Olaf Pichler
(Vice-chairman of the association, software development, obfuscation)
About me: I study Computer Engineering at Heidelberg University. I did my bachelor’s degree in Physics in Graz, where I have also been an active member of the CryptoParty for several years. In fact, the idea for the PrivacyMachine developed at one of the meetings.
Motivation: Privacy is a human right that is unfortunately being constantly eroded. I am a cofounder and developer at the PrivacyMachine because I want to fight against this. My aim is to increase awareness of the sensitivity of personal data and to give people the tools they need to protect their privacy.
Favourite quote: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. - Benjamin Franklin
Daniel Reiterer
(Productmanagement, Marketing/Consulting)
About me: I have graduated in experimental physics at the KF-University-Graz. In my master thesis, I programmed an open source solution for a visualization software of a hemispherical analyzer.
Motivation: For today's society, the importance of open-source software is growing, especially for the information sector and our own interest. Therefore, in addition to our actions, we must also take control of the information we give away, that we define ourselves and not a third party!
Favorite quote: The secret of the success is not to talk about it, it's about the work behind.
Alexander Leopold
(Treasurer of the association, software development)
About me: My first contact with electronics was fatal for around 50% of the LEDs in my construction kit. My first experiences of software development were with BASIC on my C128. 1 x Electrical Engineering at Technical College + 1 x Information and Computer Engineering degree as well as several jobs in process engineering, the automotive industry and semiconductor development later, I set up my one-man business in 2013.
Motivation: A passionate skipper in my free time, I am a fundamental believer in freedom. I am therefore very pleased to be working on an ethical project like the PrivacyMachine.
Favourite quote: "success usually goes to those underestimating the fundamental hurdles they are facing" - Richard P. Feynman
Sabine Friesacher (sasa)
(Association member, website, publicity)
About me: Hello, I study geology and I don’t want everyone to receive my browsing history and use it to make money.
Motivation: I want to highlight the importance of data protection.
Favourite quote: If the spirit is strong, even fire is cool.