Browse the web without getting tracked every step you take!

► Are adverts following you across the internet?

► Do you want to avoid discrimination?

► Want to burst the filter bubble?

► Do you want to protect yourself against viruses and Trojans?

► Not everyone has to know what you surfed last summer!

► Be more than just an entry in a database!

► Ad providers want information about everyone - you are more interesting than you think!

► Surf the net in safety!

The most common internet services are free of charge for users.
What many do not know is that they are paying with their personal data.
Their surf behaviour is being constantly monitored to create comprehensive profiles.
These are analysed, then sold on to third parties.

Automatically created filters mean that you only see news items preselected for you.

Important information is withheld and you have no chance of forming your own opinion.

Privacy in your electronic everyday life is an illusion. Want to know more? Check out the Datadealer!

PrivacyMachine Video

How the PrivacyMachine protects you

Key computer data - also known as a fingerprint - is recognised, making it possible to find the user, whichever page they are on.
The PrivacyMachine constantly changes the fingerprint to mislead pursuers, stopping invasive monitoring and protecting your privacy.

Our Vision

The PrivacyMachine team has a dream, a dream of an internet free of censorship, foreign regulation and monitoring.
An important step in this direction is to provide a tool that protects you from permanently being monitored on the internet.

Our browser is open source software that can be used for free.
You can download it here.

Take back your privacy!  

PrivacyMachine, a program for all those who want to protect their identity and privacy.